Estwing E45A 26-Inch Camper’s Axe-All Steel with Shock Reduction Grip Review

Estwing E45A 26-Inch Camper’s Axe-All Steel with Shock Reduction Grip Review

A true outdoorsman knows chopping firewood is an essential part of camping survival. If you have ever been in the wild, with a broken axe, you definitely can attest to this. When it comes to camping it is important to choose an axe that has a combination of characteristics.

The Estwing E45A 26″ Camper’s Axe borrows characteristics from these three axe styles to create an effective camping tool:

Felling Axe

You want the cutting power of a felling axe for chopping down trees. A felling axe is particularly suited for chopping trees down, because of its narrow head and curved blade. This allows the axe to cut deep against the grain. They usually come with a slightly curved handle to improve the leverage of your swing and help with your grip.

Splitting Axe

You need the power of a splitting axe for turning logs into firewood. A splitting differs from a felling axe in a number of ways. A splitting axe is usually heavier, with the average splitting axe head weighing 4lbs.

They usually have a straight handle to increase the momentum of your swing and they are designed to be swung in a downward motion. The straight handle helps with leverage and grip.


A hatchet is great for camping because of its maximum portability. Hatchets are usually under 12in. They are an ideal size to be carried in backpacks without crowding your other camping gear. These means the E45A can be used for felling full-size trees without giving up any log splitting power.

The E45 is a small to midsized axe and is very similar to a large hatchet. The Estwing Axe Company has been providing top quality tools to outdoorsmen since 1923. They are recognized around the world as one of the premier axe manufacturers. This axe includes a lifetime warranty and is a great axe for around $40.


Axe Head

The E45A was designed to take some of the workload off your knife. This unique axe head is designed to be useful in a number of traditionally knife scenarios.

The E45 can be used to notch wood and you can even use it to create feather sticks to start a fire. It comes very sharp from the factory and the axe head has an elongated beard like broadaxes. An axe head beard is the front lower part of the blade. It is usually elongated to provide a stronger curvature to the blade.

There is a hammer at the end opposite to the blade that can assist in driving tent stakes into the ground or hammering nails into wood. Its compact design is particularly suited to chopping small to medium logs. The blade is coated with a rust-resistant material that assists with keeping the blade sharp and clean.

Balanced Weight

This axe weighs in at 3.7 pounds. The axe is expertly balanced to increase your power per swing. The balance also helps decrease missed cuts and splits. The 26in medium sized axe can be easily manipulated with a single hand. The E45A is designed to improve your accuracy while reducing your workload.


This axe is specifically designed for camping. The 26in design means you can store it in your camping gear without having to choose between your axe or other essential tools. The Estwing E45A comes with a blade sheath to help keep your axe sharp and your friends safe.

1-Piece Forged Steel

The E45A is constructed from a 1-piece forged steel design. This means an increase in durability and a decrease in weight. There are no weak points of construction to cause breakage. The one-piece design has been utilized by Estwing for many years and it has proven to provide an excellent resilience for their products.

Advanced Materials

A nylon-vinyl deep cushion grip ensures heightened accuracy with every swing. This non-slip coating allows the E45A to be strong but light. It also absorbs the majority of the impact from your chop. You can even use the E45A one handed comfortably.


  • 1-piece design
  • double tempered head
  •  balanced
  • made in the USA


  •  small size
  • loss of leverage due to its smaller size


The E45A provides an inexpensive solution to your campfire needs. It is much more affordable than the competition, costing almost half as much as the leading competitors’ brands. The shorter size makes this midsized axe a solid contender for your travel companion. When you need serious cutting power on a budget, the E45A is your solution.


The E45A is an affordable option when compared to more expensive mid-sized multi-purpose axes. Estwing is recognized for using its 80+ years of experience to bring the world innovative axe designs at affordable rates.

The combination of different axe components makes this a very useful companion to have in the wild. If you are planning a camping a trip and need an affordable mid-sized axe with excellent chopping power, the Estwing E45A is a solid choice.

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