Fiskars x27 Review

Fiskars x27 Review

It only takes one swing to realize that the x27 is a cut above the rest. The Fiskars x27 super splitting axe is the culmination of years of research, design, and use. This highly advanced axe originates from Finland. When Fiskars created the x27 design, their goal was to create an axe that was simple but highly effective. They definitely succeeded.

Fiskars designed the x27 to have a combination of features. They set out to find the perfect balance between a chopping and a splitting axe. A chopping or felling axe is used for chopping trees down and clearing limbs from downed trees. It has a thin sharp head designed to cut against the grain. A felling axe also has a slight curve in its handle to keep your hands from slipping. This is what makes it better suited for clearing trees.

A splitting axe is used when splitting logs and turning chopped wood into kindling. It has straight handle designed to magnify the force of a downward swing and its blade is usually heavier. A splitting axe head widens from the tip and is designed to go with the grain. This bevel helps the axe split logs by tearing the wood apart as it travels deeper.

Fiskars x27 uses a combination of tactics to achieve a solution that fits both needs. This axe is ideal for taller individuals and it is also recommended for splitting medium to large size logs.


Axe Head

The x27 incorporates an ultra-sharp edge. The axe head uses optimum blade technology to increase splitting power. The use of a softer metal allows the blade to become extremely sharp and the beveled design creates a splitting action as soon as the blade impacts the wood. The non-stick coating on the axe head works great and the narrow blade design helps keep this axe from getting lodged in your logs. The x27 can easily cut hardwoods such as oak or aspen.

Balanced Weight

This axe uses state of the art material to increase strength and lower weight. It is perfectly balanced and the power-to-weight ratio can multiply your swing speed. The majority of the axe’s weight is located on its head. The 4-pound head can easily turn logs into kindling.

Advanced Handle

The patented FiberComp handle is specially designed to absorb the impact shock of your swing. This longer handle translates into more splitting power. The long, 36in handle creates an incredible amount of force per swing. The vibration-absorbing chamber cushions your hands against shock and the non-slip grip keeps your axe exactly where you want it. Fiskars has claimed the carbon fiber handle is virtually unbreakable, and they back up this statement with a lifetime warranty.

Blade Lock

Another great feature is Fiskars’ easy to use blade lock and carrying handle. This locks over your axe head, preventing the blade from catching or dulling. It has a handle conveniently located atop the axe head. The easy-open lock is located at the back of the axe head and can be released in seconds. All this means you can transport your axe with greater ease and safety.

Lifetime Warranty

If your handle cracks, just contact Fiskars and they will replace your damaged axe. The entire process is surprisingly quick and painless. You are required to fill out a small report that states how your axe got damaged. This includes a picture of the damaged axe. Your replacement axe is shipped out immediately, so you can rest assured, knowing Fiskars takes pride in their work. It’s refreshing to see a company stand behind its products so diligently.


  • ideally suited for taller users
  • state of the art blade angling
  • lifetime warranty
  • perfect power to weight ratio
  • state of the art design provides maximum force


  • due to its longer handle, it is a little more common to over swing
  • loss of some portability due to longer size


The Fiskars x27 definitely holds its own against the competition. Fiskars’ excellent quality control and advanced manufacturing techniques make the x27 stand out among the crowd. It’s longer than many other hi-bred axes. If you are a tall individual or prefer a longer axe, the Fiskars x27 is going to be your best choice.


By utilizing state of the art composite materials, the x27 produces a lighter, stronger, and more versatile solution to your wood cutting needs. The Fiskars x27 is a great multipurpose axe and a great addition to any outdoorsman’s tool set. The added technology really makes this axe a great solution.

The Fiskars x27 is priced very competitively. The use of top quality materials, backed up by a lifetime warranty, makes the x27 a smart choice. An axe of this quality will be with you for a lifetime.

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