Fiskars X15 Chopping Axe 23.5-Inch

Fiskars X15 Chopping Axe 23.5-Inch

When it comes to clearing trees, or cutting downed trees into logs, few midsized felling axes can compare. A felling or cutting axe is used to chop trees down. They have a slightly curved handle that is specifically designed to assist with your grip while swinging. This slight curve also produces more torque.

Felling blades are very thin and sharp. These blades usually have a slight bend to help with penetration, which allows them to cut deep into the tree without getting stuck. Because of all of this, felling axes are perfectly suited for cutting trees against their grain.

Fiskars has raised the bar with the x15 chopping axe. Using their years of research and development, they have continually brought top quality axes to the market and the x15 is no exception. It is lighter and stronger than its predecessors. Fiskars’ patent pending design is a break-thru in axe technology. It’s a great alternative to a full-size felling axe.


Axe Head

The x15 incorporates ultra-sharp edge technology into its hardened steel blade. This new axe head is thinner and stronger than previous models. The use of softer metals allows the blade to get extremely sharp, and the thin blade penetrates deep into trees with ease.

Save yourself a lot of effort by using this specially designed blade. The non-stick coating performs as advertised, keeping the blade free from any lodging and allowing the x15 unrivalled performances. The x15 blade is perfectly shaped for felling trees.

Balanced Weight

This axe utilizes space age composites to reduce its overall weight. New carbon fiber composites have been specially engineered to increase strength and durability. Less weight means more chopping and less work. This means more firewood in less time. The x15 has a perfect power-to-weight ratio. The axe balances easily with the blade in hand.

Advanced Handle

Using an oversized axe can dramatically reduce fatigue and lower productivity. The x15 has a 23.5-in handle. This shorter length is ideal for use with one or both hands. The non-slip handle improves accuracy by guaranteeing your grip stays tight.

A vibration-absorbing chamber keeps your cuts stable by deferring the impact of your chop and dispersing it within the handle. The carbon fiber reduces stress and fatigue and, if your handle shows any signs of breakage, Fiskars will send you a replacement model at no cost.

Blade Lock

Fiskars’ easy to use blade lock allows the x15 to be easily stored. The carrying handle is the perfect size for transportation and it keeps your blade sharp and safe. You can lock your blade up completely by using the easy-open lock feature located on the back of the axe head. All of this keeps your blade in excellent condition and ready to chop some trees.

Lifetime Warranty

You know a product is built with superior materials when the manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty. Even though the x15’s handle is advertized as indestructible, there is always a slim chance your product could have an issue. If you happen to be one of these unusual cases, you have the peace of mind knowing that your product is protected for life.

Fiskars is known for their excellent customer service. You shouldn’t have to worry about your axe being out of commission, avoid any future headaches by purchasing a Fiskars x15.


  • lifetime warranty
  • lightweight
  • cutting edge blade technology
  • blade sheath


  • due to its smaller size, it can be uncomfortable for taller users
  • slight loss in cutting power due to size


The x15 has some unique features that make is stand out among the competition. The shorter handle gives it more mobility, with little to no loss in chopping power. It doesn’t have as much felling power as its big brother the x27 but it makes up for that with intuitive design.

This is a perfect size axe for anyone looking to enjoy some wildlife without breaking the bank. The x15 is a little smaller than most felling axes and this could cause taller users a little discomfort. If you are average size this is an above average axe for your woodworking needs.


If you need a portable axe that can produce results similar to a full size, the x15 is a solid choice for you. The new material used in its construction makes the x15 lightweight and much easier to handle than the competition.

The storage sheath is made of solid material and makes travel a breeze and you can’t beat a lifetime warranty. I would definitely recommend this axe to anyone who is a true outdoorsman. Don’t let your camping experience suffer. Save yourself effort and time by using the Fiskars x15.

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